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    Tomei PONCAM Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26DETT R34 254-9.15
    Purchase Tomei PONCAM Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26DETT R34 254-9.15

    Tomei PONCAM Camshaft Set - Nissan RB26DETT R34 254-9.15

    Part Number: TOMEI-TA301A-NS05B
    MSRP: $680.00
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    PONCAM: High performance can be gained by easy installation. Drop in camshafts that are designed to suit the stock valve train and ECU.

    Valve timing is opening and closing timing of intake and exhaust valve that are linking to the piston movement,?and it is expressed with the crankshaft angle from TDC or BDC of the piston. When installing new camshaft, idle stability or low-mid range torque are dramatically charged by 1°degree of valve timing adjustment that controls overlap or valve closing timing. Valve timing is usually adjusted by engine-tuner who is working on with the test driver. So as PONCAM, the best duration timing and the valve lifts are decided from torque characteristic and acceleration data that is based on huge numbers of tests both on the bench actual running. Accordingly, dowel pin is shifted to the proper position at the same time.You'll get the best valve timing without any adjustment but just a replacement of the factory camshaft with PONCAM.

    The biggest development target of PONCAM was acquiring the high power in all stages.
    In the past, gaining power at high RPM might be too persisted though; we suggest that the real tuning car should run quickly and smoothly from low RPM to high RPM. In development of PONCAM, we have tested every each models of vehicles both or the bench and actual running for the best results.
    It is all based on the progress of technology when has not beer realized in the past.
    And it could already be called the new Performance rather than just the high quality.
    MODEL:Skyline (R34)