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Dai Yoshihara and Evasive sets new S2000 Buttonwillow Record! 1:41.20

If there’s any application that Evasive Motorsports is known for, it’s got to be the Honda S2000. Years in the making, this is our 4th major build involving this platform. After running it at Global Time Attack last year at the Long Beach Grand Prix, we decided to take it to another level. Previously, this build was powered by an upgraded HKS GT Supercharger with a GTS8555. However, we weren’t satisfied with the power at 450whp. So we went back to our roots and asked HKS to support us in switching our setup to a turbocharger. For those that remember our EVO IX, HKS supported the turbo setup on that project. With an Origin Fab custom turbo manifold, we mounted an HKS GT6290 BB turbo to the TODA stroked F22C. With the help of NCS Designs, the car was tuned to 640whp.

With Dai Yoshihara at the helm, the car did its first shakedown at this past weekend’s Global Time Attack finals event. Dai was able to clock a new S2000 record lap of 1:41.2. He thinks he can get it down to 1:40 in the current setup. We’ll have to return to see. View the record setting lap below along with interview and overview with Dai Yoshihara.

A major thank you to all of our sponsors:

ENEOS – The number one brand oil we use on our race projects and for our customers builds, both race and street
Voltex – Circuit Version 3 Aero, now available through Evasive Motorsports, North America distributor
HKS – Evasive Motorsports is a PRO Dealer and provides sales and support for the most famous Japanese tuning company
Yokohama Tire – Ultra sticky Yokohama Motorsport A40 Racing Slick Tires
KW Suspension – Custom motorsport suspension allowing for fine tuning
Titan 7 – Custom forged TP-5 designed for use with prototype EVS Tuning Carbon Aero Discs
OS Giken – Equipped the project with their sequential transmission for quick shifting
Stoptech – Provided the big brakes for the stopping power
CSG Spec – Great racing brake pads we have used in the past year
Origin Fabrication – Providing custom turbo manifold, exhaust, and some of the best fabrication that should be considered art
MotoIG – Special thanks to Mike Kojima for being in our race crew and providing valuable knowledge through years of experience

Record setting lap:

Interview and overview with Dai Yoshihara, presented by Dionne Mascunana a.k.a. @OMGMiata:

Marvel Creations Carbon Fiber S2000 Model

Marvel Creations has released their first product exclusively for Evasive Motorsports, a carbon fiber 1/10 scale model of the pivotal Honda S2000!



Marvel Creations, a brand under the manufacturer Auto-Tech Interiors, has roots to the automotive market starting in the early 1990’s. Each scale model is made using real carbon fiber, and much attention to detail was used to capture the famous silhouette of Honda’s roadster. This will be the first of a series of other iconic vehicles from the automotive world, so stay tuned for more releases!

Production is limited to only 150 pieces, so make sure to pick one up while supplies allow.



Evasive Motorsports x Bride Zeta IV Collaboration

We are excited to announce an official collaboration between Evasive Motorsports and Bride Japan in the form of a limited edition Zeta IV seat!

Available in either sparkle back FRP or Aramid Black Carbon Fiber, with unique exclusive features :

  • Evasive embroidered logo on back of the headrest
  • Red double stitching
  • Leather side bolsters
  • Carbon pattern fabric near shoulder area
  • High-class faux-suede material (previously exclusive to the discontinued Zeta III Japan model)

These seats fit up to a 34in waist comfortably. However if you are concerned about fitment issues then please feel free to contact us. Bride Japan has a long history of high quality seats, and these models are no exception. Both FRP and Carbon versions are FIA certified, meaning they have gone through severe testing to achieve a high level of safety and can be used in international formality races/competitions. Take part in this special collaboration with us while supplies last!



Dai Yoshihara & Evasive Motorsports earns 2nd in Exhibition Class at PPIHC!

We’re happy to announce that Dai Yoshihara and Evasive Motorsports finished the race with a time of 11:06.205, placing 2nd in the Exhibition class at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2022! We were also the fastest EV of the weekend with our Tesla Model 3, while placing 9th overall out of 71 finishing competitors.

It was a treacherous race day as extremely cold and wet conditions hampered everyone on competition day. Prior, the week had been dry and moderately warm, providing great conditions to allow us to qualify 4th. Nonetheless, being our eighth year at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, we had to be prepared for any condition the mountain would bring. Yokohama provided us A005 racing slicks but also supplied A006 tires for wet conditions.

As Dai drove up the 14,115 ft. summit, he tackled “the most challenging driving conditions in [his] racing career.” Along with rain, fog covered almost the entire mountain, limiting drivers’ visibility. This even caused several drivers to go off course and crash. Dai’s extensive experience as Formula Drift driver and growing up on the Touge of Japan played a crucial role in his ability to feel the road and dynamically adjust to ever changing conditions.

We can’t wait until the next time we return to the mountain!


POWER: 450hp; 471 lb-ft of torque (factory spec)
COOLING: CSF radiator and oil cooler; nitrous dioxide sprayer kit; custom hood vent and rear inlet ducts; EVS Tuning dual chiller; ENEOS Prototype EV Fluids
SUSPENSION & CHASSIS: KW Competition 3-way coilovers (revalved and new spring rates for 2022): SPL Suspension spherical links; Evasive Motorsports spherical joints and custom front sway bar; MPP front upper A-arms and rear lower arms; Quaife ATB limited-slip rear differential in modified frame; air jack lift system
BRAKES: Brembo Pista racing front brake kit, custom Brembo GTS rear brakes; CSG Racing brake pads; Evasive Motorsports electronic E-brake system
WHEELS & TIRES: 18×11-inch Titan 7 T-P5 prototype forged wheels with Evasive Motorsports rear aero covers; 280/680-18 Yokohama ADVAN A005 slicks (dry) and A006 tires (wet)
EXTERIOR: Artisan Spirits widebody fenders plus carbon fiber aero kit; Evasive Motorsports custom honeycomb carbon splitter, rear diffuser, carbon fiber doors, carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber rear windshield, carbon fiber trunk lid and carbon fiber front air ducts; EVS Tuning front bumper, carbon fiber vented hood and headlight covers; Voltex dry carbon Type 13 1800mm GT rear wing; Lexan windows
INTERIOR: Evasive Motorsports FIA-spec rollcage, carbon fiber dashboard; MoTeC C127 dash display and datalogger; Sparco carbon/Kevlar QRT-K racing bucket seat, six-point harnesses and steering wheel

Thank you to our sponsors: Turn14, ENEOS, Yokohama Tire, KW Suspension, Titan 7, Artisan Spirits, CSF, Voltex, Sparco

Evasive Motorsports returns to the 100th Running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Evasive Motorsports will be running the Tesla Model 3 for the second time at the 100th running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It’s Evasive Motorsports 8th time competing at the event. If you remember, we had some technical issues with car last year and was unable to run the car at full power. We hope for redemption this year as we bring it back to one of the most famous race events in the world.

Dai Yoshihara will once again pilot the car up the mountain in the Exhibition division. To refresh the look, our good friend Jon Sibal was enlisted to revamp the livery for 2022. You can see the renders and how well it came out. Along with the new look, we’ve updated and improved suspension, aero, tires, cooling.

For more information about this historic event, visit  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Major thanks to our sponsors who have supported this year’s program: Turn14, Eneos, Yokohama Tire, Titan 7, KW Suspension, Artisan Spirits, CSF, Voltex.


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