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JQ Werks Products Available Now At Evasive Motorsports!

JQ Werks Madtrace Products Available Now At Evasive Motorsports!

JQ Werks set out with a clear mission – to transform the way we perceive convenience in the racing world. They’ve managed to achieve this by introducing a hassle-free racing experience that’s simply plug-and-play. No longer do you need to struggle with the complications of splicing wires. To ensure their products stand the test of time, each component has been meticulously crafted from CNC-machined, hard-anodized billet aluminum. This material is known for its superior durability, allowing it to withstand even the most extreme racing conditions. With JQ Werks, you’re not just investing in a product, but a long-lasting, hassle-free racing experience.


JQ Werks’ primary goal was to revolutionize convenience, and they’ve achieved this by introducing an unparalleled wireless racing experience. Say goodbye to the complexities of electronics and cables. Each component is crafted from CNC-machined, hard-anodized billet aluminum, ensuring unmatched durability in the most challenging racing conditions.

JQ Werks has integrated the adapter hub into the quick-release mechanism. This adapter hub and quick-release mechanism are made from aircraft-grade 7075-T aluminum, ensuring both protection and durability. To enhance your driving experience, the DCT version is equipped with a magnetic paddle shifters module. Additionally, both carbon fiber paddles and aluminum paddles are now standard components in the kit.

In addition to retaining all the factory multifunctions on the OEM steering wheel, JQ Werks has incorporated two customizable, free-to-use buttons. These buttons can be programmed according to your desired configuration. JQ Werks provides terminal wires that can be easily connected to factory socket pins, routed through the connectors, and prepared for a seamless connection.

JQ Werks decodes the original microcontroller system for seamless signal transmission through the vehicle’s DME, eliminating complex setup processes. Their integrated circuit board, ensures compatibility with all factory multi-functions and promises limitless expansion. Finally, they offer LED-backlit buttons adjustable in brightness according to factory controls and sensors.


JQ Werks Madtrace Steering Hub Quick Release System – Honda Civic Type R FL5 2023+

Elevating The Standard Of Racing Steering Wheels

JQ Werks introduces LED-backlit front buttons, adjustable in brightness based on factory controls and sensors. They’ve integrated the factory Drive Mode and +R functions into their racing steering wheel system, eliminating the need for wiring splicing or repinning of factory connectors. For the first time, JQ Werks has incorporated the OEM Active Cruise Control feature. This allows for precise adjustment of the vehicle’s speed, ensuring your car maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. This ensures compatibility with factory functions, enhances stability, and provides potential for future expandability.


Featuring The Mugen Racing III Steering Wheel – 350mm
Available In Black Leather Or Suede With Red Stitching

Pair your JQ Werks Steering Hub Quick Release System with the Mugen Racing III Steering Wheel for your Honda Civic Type R FL5! Featuring thumb notches for a confident grip under the most audacious driving. This wheel is made for Mugen by Momo Italy and is based off the Momo Monte Carlo.
Includes center-mount Mugen horn button.
Available in Black Leather or Suede with Red Stitching
Note: Steering wheel shown is Black Suede with Red Stitching

Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 Available Now!

Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 Available Now!

We are proud to announce the launch of the latest seats in collaboration with Bride Japan at Evasive Motorsports. The new Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 now prominently displays the Evasive Motorsports logo on both the front and back. Featuring red and white stitching on the side of the seats, leather side bolsters, and carbon pattern fabric near the shoulder area. Additionally, it presents an exclusive high-grade faux-suede material, previously found only on the now-discontinued Zeta III Japan Model. Each seat is FIA-certified, having undergone rigorous testing to ensure superior safety standards, making them suitable for use in international racing competitions.

Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 Seats Are Available in Carbon and FRP


Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 – Gradation With Red Stitch / FRP Shell

(Click to view larger image)


Bride x Evasive Zeta IV Version 2 – Gradation With Red Stitch / Carbon Shell

(Click to view larger image)


Zeta is the Full Bucket Seat Standard Model of Bride

The Zeta seat, Bride’s best-selling standard model since 1990, is designed for both comfort and functionality. Carefully engineered with the human skeleton and body shape in mind, it ensures a perfect fit. Its design doesn’t just prioritize comfort, but also safety during various driving conditions – from regular road travel to circuit driving and other motorsports. Zeta isn’t just a seat; it’s a combination of safety and comfort tailored for the thrill of racing. This unique blend makes it a timeless favorite among enthusiasts, keeping its top-selling status for over three decades.

Advanced Material and Manufacturing Method

By incorporating additional high-performance materials into the FRP shell (glass fiber and aramid fiber), the shell’s rigidity has been enhanced by 15%. The seat and thigh cushion now feature molded urethane to enhance comfort and durability for long drives.

Shell Design and Hold Performance

The new shell design maintains an appropriate driving position for prolonged periods without difficulty. The shape design, which includes a lifted thigh feature, prevents the “submarine phenomenon”. This is an occurrence where the driver sinks in a forward downward direction during hard braking or a collision.

Low Max System

The shoulder size has been reduced to 560mm, and the Low Max System, previously only used for certain full bucket seats and reclining seats, has been introduced for Zeta. This now allows for “seat center = handle center”, a design feature that was challenging with traditional design, to be implemented in a larger number of vehicle types.



Evasive Motorsports is an official Bride authorized dealer. 

All Bride products we sell are manufactured and imported from Japan.

Do not purchase imitation seats. Your safety should be first priority!

Volk Racing 21A / 21C Spec-SR Wheel Debut


Volk Racing 21A Spec-SR: New “A” For The 21st Century, Inheriting The DNA of GRA

RAYS’ first model “Volk Mesh” released in 1975. Volk Racing GRA was developed in 1986 as RAYS’ first forged model.

The design theme of “cross spoke = mesh” is inherited from the DNA of legendary RAYS wheels that have left their mark on the company’s history.

The orthodox cross spoke is meticulously crafted with an elaborate forged monoblock, allowing for an overwhelmingly deep rim.

Color is available in Shining Bronze Metal/Rim DC (SR). Air valve is included. Optional center caps available to purchase separately.

This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Summer, 2024.

Click the link below to check out all available sizes!


Volk Racing 21C Spec-SR: A New “C” For The 21st Century, Inheriting The DNA of GRC

The Volk Racing 21C uses a dimple shape that inherits the DNA of the previous Volk Racing GRC spokes. A Forged one-piece model with step rims, suitable for wide bodies. It is a supreme product that can only be realized through RAYS forging process.

Created with the latest design and analysis technology, is now available as a limited edition model. By adopting the luminous bronze, the model has evolved into a design that evokes a sense of nostalgia amidst modernity. This special edition is tailored for select iconic cars from the 80s.

Color is available in Shining Bronze Metal/Rim DC (SR). Air valve is included. Optional center caps available to purchase separately.

This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Summer, 2024.

Click the link below to check out all available sizes!


Evasive Motorsports S2000 “R” Featured on Top Gear!


Check Out Our Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 “R” Featured On Top Gear!

We had the pleasure of having our Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 “R” in Top Gear with Rob Dahm for another episode of American Tuned. In their latest Youtube video, Rob stops by our shop to examine our two S2000 builds: one for the street – the S2000R chassis #000 – and the S2000RS, a time-attack version that Dai Yoshihara would later drive at the 2023 running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the Unlimited Class. Dahm then takes the S2000R on a slightly lower-altitude run on some scenic roads above Los Angeles. Honda never gave enthusiasts the “R” version of the S2000 roadster they’d always wanted, so we imagined and built an S2000 R of our own. Under the hood is a 302BHP version of the Civic Type R FK8’s 2.0L Turbo Four Cylinder engine, with a carbon fiber Mugen air intake and our very own intake manifold. Considering the original S2000 made 237BHP, that’s quite the increase. Maybe it’s not really an S2000 Type R, at least in the period-correct sense, but is this the car Honda should have built? Check out the photos and video below!





Volk Racing NE24 Club Sport Wheel and TE37 Saga S-Plus 19inch Sizing Debut

Volk Racing NE24 Club Sport Wheel and TE37 Saga S-Plus 19inch Sizing Debut!



New Volk Racing NE24 Club Sport Wheel Debut Available for Pre Order!

The NE24, the first new series and design in seven years for VOLK RACING, is a completely new evolution line following the TE, CE, and ZE series, and represents a new axis in sports wheels. The “NE24 Club Sports,” which has evolved as a further sports model, has been developed in “aggressive sizes” specialized for tough use by narrowing the rim width and inset for each vehicle model, based on the basic premise of achieving the optimum balance of strength and lightness required of a sports wheel. While maintaining the slim 2×4 spoke layout and triangular spoke ends, the center part, which is subject to the greatest stress, has been further updated by reducing the weight as much as possible based on the latest rigidity theory. Also, the undercut portion of the spokes has been modified in multiple steps to create a three-dimensional structure even in narrower sizes. The next-generation sports wheel created by fully introducing RAYS’ unique forging technology, analysis technology, and its cutting-edge methods, is continuously inheriting the lineage of EVOLUTION.



Color is available in Black (BK). Air valve and exclusive sticker set are included.

This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Spring, 2024. Click below to see available sizing and to pre-order now!




Volk Racing TE37 Saga S-PLUS 19 inch sizing has now been released! This Made in House, Made in Japan, Forged One Piece Mono block starts delivery from Spring, 2024. 

In response to the evolution of cars, the Volk Racing TE37 Saga has been reborn as the “Volk Racing TE37 Saga S-plus (Sport plus), a minor-changed model with each part reviewed and optimized down to the smallest detail to increase safety margins. New 19-inch wheel sizing was added to accommodate today’s cars, which are becoming more powerful and heavier with larger diameters. This is to realize higher safety, security, rigidity, and strength and is a step forward for the future of cars that will accelerate even further.


15 inch, 17inch, and 18 inch sizing is also available. Standard Colors are available in Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM) and Bronze (Almite) (BR). OP-2 color options are available as well.

Click below to shop all Volk Racing TE37 Saga S-Plus Sizing!

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