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Dai Yoshihara completes 2:23.8 in the Model 3 at COTA

ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara and partners Evasive Motorsports are definitely charged up for the 2022 motorsports season. The team is excited to get back into action and were busy in the off-season, preparing the Turn 14 Distribution / Toyo Tires / ENEOS / Evasive Motorsports Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak race car to get it ready for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb later this June.

With redemption at Pikes Peak a prime goal for 2022, Evasive decided to compete at the Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle event at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) to learn how the Tesla’s newest modifications would perform.

Continue to the rest of the details on the ENEOS blog…

Watch in-car footage of Dai Yoshihara piloting the Evasive Motorsports Tesla Model 3 at Super Lap Battle 2022 at Circuit of the Americas, Feb 19, 2022. Dai Yoshihara completes his best lap time of 2:23.8 which is the current fastest Tesla Model 3 time done at COTA.


Volk Racing 21A, forged mono block debut Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

Just announced at Tokyo Auto Salon is the new forged mono block Volk Racing 21A wheel by RAYS. This is still in development, but will be released sometime summer of 2022. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on sizes and pricing once available. Stay tuned!

Evasive Motorsports EVS2-V4 Shakedown at Global Time Attack | Long Beach Grand Prix

The Long Beach Grand Prix Circuit is known for its street layout, featuring long straights, 90-degree street turns, a tight U-turn and a roundabout–all in a single lap. The last time a time attack event was held at the LBGP was in 2008.  Evasive Motorsports competed with the EVO IX during that event. This year, Global Time Attack brought the event back once again to the streets of Long Beach.

Debuted at SEMA 2018, the EVS2-V4 S2000 has since been the talk of the S2000 community. Featuring the visually-striking and race functional Voltex Circuit Version III Widebody kit, chassis-mounted wing, the S2000 is powered with a custom HKS GT Supercharged Toda Stroked 2.35L Motor.  Since then, we’ve added Motorsport-Spec Air Jack System by AST Suspension to allow quicker setup adjustment. Stoptech Big Brakes have been added all around, and an Accusump System to prevent oil starvation and sudden oil pressure loss. Titan 7 wheels were swapped from our Tesla Model 3 project for a wider track.

Unfortunately, we experienced mechanical issues that weren’t able to be addressed during the event. Therefore, we weren’t quite as fast as we had hope, but we were able to clock a 1:30.196, placing us 4th in Unlimited class. The 3-day GTA event was still a great opportunity for us to shake down the car and record valuable data. We have already started on fixing the issues and look forward to competed at Super Lap Battle, the finals event for GTA in November.

Thank you to our sponsors: Voltex, HKS, ENEOS, Yokohama Tire, OS Giken, Titan 7, Stoptech, Moton Suspension, Swift Springs, Origin Fabrication

Photo Credit: Larry Chen

Pikes Peak Evasive Motorsports Model 3 Unveiled

As this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb approaches, we’ve unveiled our Tesla Model 3 entry for the EV Class. Dai Yoshihara will be returning in the driver’s seat.

The focus of this year’s build was to lighten the car as much as possible, while refining suspension and aero. Much of the car has been replaced with carbon fiber including all doors, trunk, and roof.

Custom motorsport coilovers were provided by KW Suspension. The new TP-5 wheels by Titan 7 were custom made for our widebody spec’d aero kit by Artisan Spirits. Toyo racing slicks will be providing the grip up the mountain. Brembo brakes were custom made for the car as well.

A big part of the climb is adequate cooling for race cars, so CSF provided the system needed to keep the batteries cool in order to help maintain power.

The carbon race splitter, diffuser, and wheel aero disc are custom designed by ourselves under the EVS Tuning brand. Of course, the dry carbon GT Wing was provided by our good friends at Voltex to finish it off.

Thanks to our sponsors: Turn14, Toyo Tires, ENEOS, KW Suspensions, Titan 7, Artisan Spirits, Brembo / Race Technologies, CSF, Sparco, Voltex, EVS Tuning, MotoiQ, Gran Turismo

For more information about the event, please visit Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

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