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    ORC Clutch (Light Series 250 HP Cover) - Honda Civic / Acura RSX DC5/FD2(6MT)/EPS/FN2 K20A
    Purchase ORC Clutch (Light Series 250 HP Cover) - Honda Civic / Acura RSX DC5/FD2(6MT)/EPS/FN2 K20A

    ORC Clutch (Light Series 250 HP Cover) - Honda Civic / Acura RSX DC5/FD2(6MT)/EPS/FN2 K20A

    Part Number: ORC-250L-HP-HD0505
    MSRP: $1,354.00
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    warning.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


    Ogura Racing Clutch Light Series

    Characteristics of Clutch Cover
    1) Standard (STD) Cover and High Pressure (HP) Cover - When STD cover is installed, pedal pressure is closer to genuine clutch and this reduces fatigue. Pedal pressure of genuine clutch is approximately 12kgf. With HP Cover, Pedal Pressure is increased by 30% compared to genuine product.
    2) Shorter and sporty half clutch range relative to genuine clutch - since half clutch engagement range is slightly less than genuine clutch, it provides sporty feeling. Yet, the handleability is still firm and user friendly.
    3) Noise Reduction Design - Strap drive system does not make backlash sound when the clutch is disengaged.
    4) Specification change by inexpensive overhaul - to cut the cost of parts when overhauling, replacement of the plate alone is allowed.

    Characteristics of Light Disc
    1) Crisp Clutch Disengagement and Light Gear Shifting give pleasant feeling - to shift gears lightly, lightweight clutch disc is necessary. ORC Light Disc is developed with emphasis on weight reduction
    2) Specified Brand New Design Disc made from Organic Friction Material - adopted organic friction material is also used for genuine clutch disc. As proved in genuine clutch, organic friction material provides better driveablity
    3) Adopted Cushioning Mechanism - to make half clutch easier to manipulate and gain soft feeling, cushion is set in between friction materials. With organic friction material and the cushioning effect, torque shock is reduced when gear is shifted. For this reason, damper could be eliminated and lightweight disc is accomplished.

    Characteristics of Lightweight Flywheel
    1) Crisp engine response, thus quick rev-matching. Combination of a lightweight flywheel and lightweight clutch cover reduces weight up to 20-40% compared to regular parts. Although even more weight reduction is possible, excessive reduction in weight may cause idling to be unstable. ORC has analyzed data by computer with high accuracy and selected suitable materials to increase intensity against burst.

    Disc Count: SINGLE
    Pressure Plate: HP
    Clutch Type: PUSH
    Damper: N
    Brand:Ogura Racing Clutch
    MAKE:Honda, Acura
    MODEL:Civic, RSX