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    Kuhl Racing 50R-SS Aero Rear Half Spoiler - Toyota Prius 16-17
    Purchase Kuhl Racing 50R-SS Aero Rear Half Spoiler - Toyota Prius 16-17

    Kuhl Racing 50R-SS Aero Rear Half Spoiler - Toyota Prius 16-17

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    - Obtaining data with using a 3D scanner and cutting parts with machines, Kuhl Racing have been creating molds for aero parts for the first time in our field of business! Kuhl Racing can create the hyper three dimensional creation with using precise three dimensional scanners and fitting with obtaining data in the precision of mili-meters!

    - The aero material Kuhl Racing use is the one with the SG (strong) grade which is 1.5 times as strong and thick as regular FRP materials. The HG (high) grade is the one with putting a newly invented cross mat on the SG material, and that is twice as strong as the SG material. You can choose either of them for your aero materials.

    - With the racing style which is the concept of our parts and the hyper-three dimensional design, Kuhl Racing can change from a normal Prius to the Prius with the racing-look. This is the three dimensional shape with completing with advanced aero parts producing technology, which is impossible to create with the ordinal ways of producing aero parts and the ordinal aero parts.

    - Kuhl Racing can change the front spoiler into the sporty offensive one with modifying the 40 percent of the shape of the original one. With caring the height from the ground and maintaining the strength at the high level, Kuhl Racing can produce the part of spoiler as thin as possible. HoKuhl Racingver, Kuhl Racing create the parts of the spoilers as thin as possible within 15 mm down from the original one, so you can drive with this part even though your car is the one with loKuhl Racingr suspension.

    - The side step is the curling design to attach on the car body and to care the aerodynamics, but this is the one with the diffuser style with spreading. In order not to prevent the aerodynamics, Kuhl Racing design even the bottom part of the spoiler with the more than 20 centi-meter bottom. Also, this is the side step with having design on the back to attach the part easily, and this is the one with high cost and quality.

    - The rear part is made of two parts and the hyper three dimensional look, then that creates the sporty-looking.

    - The rear floating diffuser is the one with the characteristic design with warping backward, and that dramatically changes the image of the rear view of new Prius.

    - The design of the racing engine hood changes dramatically from the one with the curling design of the normal hood of 50 Prius! The warping design of the right and left edges of the engine hood is functional for drivers to see outside easily. Kuhl Racing process the surface the engine hood as high a quality as nobody could even guess it is of the one of the FRP. Also, Kuhl Racing use twice as thick the FRP materials as those of the FRP material with the SG grade.

    - You can choose either the one with the four-tail-muffler or the one with muffler-less.

    - For the aero net, Kuhl Racing use the big wave net which is strong and with powder coating, and this net is good to use in terms of durability. As a result, that enhances the sense of exclusiveness of the aero parts.
    Brand:Kuhl Racing