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    HKS Complete Engine VR38 4.3L Step Pro - Nissan GT-R R35
    Purchase HKS Complete Engine VR38 4.3L Step Pro - Nissan GT-R R35

    HKS Complete Engine VR38 4.3L Step Pro - Nissan GT-R R35

    Part Number: HKS-23011-AN011

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    warning.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


    - Crankshaft of nitride steel for improved durability
    - Larger crank pin radius for improved torsional strength
    - 10mm longer crank front to reduce fretting
    - Upsized HKS originally designed main stud bolts
    - 2nd and 3rd molybdenum journal for extra durability
    - Line boring to ensure journal roundness
    - Improved valve heat transfer, beryllium valve seats, phosphor bronze valve guides.
    - HKS recommends using HKS Racing Pro 10W50 Engine Oil

    Head Modifications:
    Valve Seats: Beryllium
    Guides: Phosphor Bronze
    Valve Job: Polished Combustion Chamber
    Camshafts: HKS IN:270 degrees / LIFT 11mm - HKS EX:278 degrees / LIFT 11mm
    Valve Springs: HKS Enhanced Product
    Valves: Seat Adjustment
    Head Gasket: HKS Metal Gasket (t=0.8)
    Head Bolts: ARP Reinforced Stud Bolts

    Block Modifications:
    #2 #3 Chrome Molybdenum Caps
    Large Main Bearing Screws
    Enlarged Ladder Cap Holes
    Journal Line Boring

    Main Bolts: HKS M12 Stud Bolts(625+)
    Pistons: HKS Billet (Molybdenum Coating)
    Conrods: HKS H-Beam
    Crankshaft: HKS Billet with Large Fillet Radius
    Main Bearings: ACL
    Conrod Bearings: Stock + WPC Coating(Width Mod)
    Crank Pulley: Bespoke VR43 Damper
    Covers: Baking Finish
    Spark Plugs: HKS M50HL

    HKS 4.3L KIT
    Bore: 95.5mm (95.5mm stock)
    Stroke: 99.0mm (88.4mm stock)
    Compression (t=0.8): 8.6 (9.0 stock)
    RPM: 7,400rpm (7,000rpm stock)
    Displacement 4,255cc (3,799cc stock)

    Doesn't include intake plenum, exhaust manifold, fuel system and other auxiliaries.

    MODEL:GT-R (R35)