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    KW Suspension DDC ECU Coilover - Audi TT, TTS  (8J) Roadster Quattro 07-15
    Purchase KW Suspension DDC ECU Coilover - Audi TT, TTS (8J) Roadster Quattro 07-15

    KW Suspension DDC ECU Coilover - Audi TT, TTS (8J) Roadster Quattro 07-15

    Part Number: KW-39010012

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    warning.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


    Type: DDC ECU

    Lowering Adjustment Range
    Front in mm: 10-35
    Rear in mm: 5-30
    Front in inches: 0.4-1.4
    Rear in inches: 0.2-1.2

    KW DDC ECU -Retrofit electronic damper control with adjustable ride height

    Experience the innovation and quality of high-end engineering: the KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) coilover suspension, made in Germany. For the first time with its electronically adjustable dampers, the KW DDC ECU coilover system combines intelligent, app-controlled suspension tuning with ride height adjustability. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle with an adaptive damper systen and electronically control the level of performance or comfort that meets your requirements Included in the package is a KW “inox-line” coilover suspension with high-quality stainless steel struts, electronically adjustable dampers, a high-performance control unit with a vehicle-specific set of cables, a KW DDC control button giving you control from the comfort of the drivers seat, and an elaborate assembly instructions for an easy installation.

    Setup – Three factory-pre-configured damping settings for adaptive damper control and optional App-control via smartphone
    The KW DDC ECU coilover suspension features three vehicle-specific damper setups. At the touch of a button you can choose between the basic Sport setting, a very sporty and performance-oriented Sport+ setup or Comfort mode.

    The KW DDC button - One Button, Three Times the Experience!
    The included KW DDC button allows switching between the three damper settings, Comfort, Sport, and Sport +. The KW DDC button changes the color confirming the dampers have changed.

    KW DDC Taster
    With the KW DDC button, the respective driving mode, Comfort, Sport, or Sport+ can be selected changing the adaptive KW DDC ECU coilover kit damper setting within milliseconds. In Sport+ mode, the adaptive KW dampers give every car an unadulterated driving behavior. A setup which is ideal for demanding rides on twisty roads with lots of load changes. The Sport mode however, is perfect for driving on the highway with long curves, while the Comfort mode is the ideal for traveling on poorly developed roads. In Comfort mode, the suspension adjusts automatically to the respective driving situation.

    KW DDC App: The App for an adaptive driving experience
    If you add the additional DDC WLAN module to the KW DDC ECU kit the adaptive dampers of the KW DDC ECU coilover suspension can be adjusted independenly per axle to your personal driving style and conditions. The App is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Apple (iOS) and many Android devices. can be set intuitively from the maximum comfort setting with a very soft damping (shown in the app as 0%) up to the Sport+ damper setting (shown in the app as 100%). Here, you can also select between the 3 preset modes and the KW DDC button in the car will change to the corresponding color to confirm the setting.

    You are not buying a mass produced, generic coilover kit, a KW coilover has been developed specifically for your particular vehicle. As a manufacturer, KW uses only its own resources, high quality components and the damper technology that has all developed in-house. With the KW DDC coilovers, rolling motion of the body will be reduced during compression giving you the benefit of more direct handling and confidence while driving.
    Brand:KW Suspension
    MODEL:TT, TTS (8J) Roadster Quattro