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S2000R and S2000RS Unveiling, sponsored by ENEOS

Photo courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

On May 2nd, Evasive Motorsports unveiled two very special cars to the public; the anticipated S2000R resto-mod, and its highly modified time attack counterpart – the S2000RS.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

Lining the halls of the entrance were cars from the Type R lineage. Examples included the new FL5 Civic Type R, two of the highly sought after NSX-Rs, as well as a two door and four door Integra Type R.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

Both vehicles are built upon the beloved Honda S2000 chassis, with the S2000R aiming to answer the question, “What if Honda built a Type R version of their roadster?” Dawning the famous “Championship White” paint, the S2000R was prominently displayed in the middle of the facility. Powered by the FK8 Type R engine, the horsepower and torque have basically doubled from that of the stock motor. Although the exterior expresses a subtle appearance, a keen eye will notice serious weight saving measures in place of factory components. Gone are the stock seats, with Recaro podium seats taking their place. A dry carbon hood and trunk continue to shave pounds off of the already lightweight chassis, with the exterior being finished off by a custom wing and a Honda 20th Anniversary front bumper. Major suspension modifications have been made as well, including custom valved KW coilovers, and S2R specific front and rear Brembo brakes help increase the zippy roadster’s stopping power.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

Evasive Motorsports owners Mike Chang and Tony Kwan both shared some words about their inspirations for the car, as well as plans to offer it to the public. Details are in the works and will be revealed in the near future. More information can be found at

Photo courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

In the corner of the facility was a menacing looking silhouette covered in a tarp – which was later revealed to be the S2000RS!

Photo courtesy of Yogi Kruthanooch / BearCove Studio

The S2000RS is Evasive Motorsport’s time attack car, and is planned to compete in this year’s Pike Peak International Hill Climb. Sporting a brand new ENEOS livery, the car has been overhauled to compete in the race. Dai Yoshihara will once again be at the helm of the S2000, and expressed some of his feelings about the car at the event. Exterior wise the vehicle is equipped with a Voltex Circuit Version 3 kit, which will help provide the aerodynamics necessary for the grueling hill climb. Still retaining the F20 engine, it has been upgraded with an HKS GT6290 ball-bearing turbocharger, as well as a Toda Racing stroker kit to achieve a stroked 2.4-liters motor with 12.5:1 compression. The vehicle now achieves 650hp to the wheels and will utilize ENEOS Racing 0W-50 oil. Custom valved KW coilovers are the result of much R&D, and the Titan-7 forged T-P5 wheels are wrapped in Yokohama A005 racing slicks.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Yamamoto

After setting the lap record for the fastest S2000 at Buttonwillow Raceway, expectations are high for the car’s performance at Pike’s Peak! Stay tuned for more details as race day approaches.

Photos courtesy of Yogi Kruthanooch / BearCove Studio