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ADRO Aero Products Available Now!

ADRO Aerodynamic Products Available Now

ADRO Aerodynamic Products Available Now!

ADRO develops high quality aero parts with a prime focus on being lightweight and durable without sacrificing OEM-like fitment. We’ve added many of their popular kits to the site, including the BMW M3/M4 G8X facelift kit, prepreg carbon fiber parts for the Tesla Model 3, and various parts for KDM vehicles. Click the link below to view the available lineup!


Model 3 Prepreg Carbon Kit

Product Highlight – Tesla Model 3 Prepreg “Dry” Carbon Fiber Complete Kit

Composed of 100% genuine prepreg carbon fiber, this kit from ADRO is ultra-lightweight and sure to transform the look of your Model 3. Included in this kit is a carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler. ADRO’s CFD testing showed a 3.25% reduction in total vehicle drag when all four parts are installed – translating into a positive effect on overall range and performance. Add this ultra premium body kit to your Tesla today by following the link below.



M4 ADRO Bumper and Lip Set

Product Highlight – BMW G8X M3/M4 TPO Front Bumper & Lip Set

When the G8X generation release was met with polarizing results, ADRO was quick to create an alternative front bumper for those looking for a different styling approach. Available as a kit or individually, this bumper is made from TPO and manufactured with injection molding similarly to many OEMs. The lip is designed specifically for ADRO’s bumper, and is made from real handcrafted carbon fiber. Set your M3/M4 apart from the rest with this facelift kit!


M4 Bumper ComparisonADRO M4 Bumper Green

ADRO is composed of automotive designers, F1 aerodynamicists, master craftsmen, and serial entrepreneurs who believe in improving the style while staying true to the original design characteristics. Each part is developed with extensive testing including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) aerodynamic analyses to ensure the optimal design. Their components undergo a 7-stage production process to ensure a factory level fitment. Browse their line of products by using the button below.


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