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Evasive Motorsports returns to the 100th Running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Evasive Motorsports will be running the Tesla Model 3 for the second time at the 100th running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It’s Evasive Motorsports 8th time competing at the event. If you remember, we had some technical issues with car last year and was unable to run the car at full power. We hope for redemption this year as we bring it back to one of the most famous race events in the world.

Dai Yoshihara will once again pilot the car up the mountain in the Exhibition division. To refresh the look, our good friend Jon Sibal was enlisted to revamp the livery for 2022. You can see the renders and how well it came out. Along with the new look, we’ve updated and improved suspension, aero, tires, cooling.

For more information about this historic event, visit  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Major thanks to our sponsors who have supported this year’s program: Turn14, Eneos, Yokohama Tire, Titan 7, KW Suspension, Artisan Spirits, CSF, Voltex.