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Pikes Peak Evasive Motorsports Model 3 Unveiled

As this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb approaches, we’ve unveiled our Tesla Model 3 entry for the EV Class. Dai Yoshihara will be returning in the driver’s seat.

The focus of this year’s build was to lighten the car as much as possible, while refining suspension and aero. Much of the car has been replaced with carbon fiber including all doors, trunk, and roof.

Custom motorsport coilovers were provided by KW Suspension. The new TP-5 wheels by Titan 7 were custom made for our widebody spec’d aero kit by Artisan Spirits. Toyo racing slicks will be providing the grip up the mountain. Brembo brakes were custom made for the car as well.

A big part of the climb is adequate cooling for race cars, so CSF provided the system needed to keep the batteries cool in order to help maintain power.

The carbon race splitter, diffuser, and wheel aero disc are custom designed by ourselves under the EVS Tuning brand. Of course, the dry carbon GT Wing was provided by our good friends at Voltex to finish it off.

Thanks to our sponsors: Turn14, Toyo Tires, ENEOS, KW Suspensions, Titan 7, Artisan Spirits, Brembo / Race Technologies, CSF, Sparco, Voltex, EVS Tuning, MotoiQ, Gran Turismo

For more information about the event, please visit Pikes Peak International Hill Climb