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EVS Tuning GT Aero Mirrors for S2000 and 86/BRZ

Featuring DTM-inspired design and track-proven during the 2019 Pikes Peak Int’l Hill Climb, the EVS Tuning GT Aero Mirrors for the S2000 and 86/BRZ is the most functional and distinctive mirror design on the market.

Though several aftermarket mirror options were available on the market, there hasn’t been a company that offers a race-inspired, true DTM/Le Mans design mirror for the S2000 and 86/BRZ.

And that’s where EVS Tuning GT Aero mirrors stand out from the rest.

“Form follows function” best summarizes the design language of the EVS Tuning GT Aero Mirrors. Mirrors play a significant role in aerodynamic efficiency, increase the aerodynamic drag of a vehicle by 2-7%. With the mirror design proven by DTM races and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the EVS Tuning GT Aero Mirrors help increase the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle while serving as an exterior highlight.

Designed by EVS Tuning, the unique EVS Tuning GT Aero Mirrors is the most functional aftermarket mirror for your S2000 and 86/BRZ.

Releasing Early Fall 2019.
Application: S2000, 86/BRZ/FR-S (R35 GTR, Porsche 991 in progress)

**Prototype shown on Pikes Peak 86 and EVS2-V4 S2000, respectively**