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    HKS Complete Engine RB26DETT 2.8L Step 2 V-CAM - Nissan GT-R BNR32 / BCNR33
    Purchase HKS Complete Engine RB26DETT 2.8L Step 2 V-CAM - Nissan GT-R BNR32 / BCNR33

    HKS Complete Engine RB26DETT 2.8L Step 2 V-CAM - Nissan GT-R BNR32 / BCNR33

    Part Number: HKS-23011-AN012

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    warning.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


    NOTE: * Intake manifold, turbine and other engine auxiliary parts are not included.


    COMPLETE ENGINE that having V-CAM STEP Pro compatible with a large single turbine.

    - Proven 2.8L STEP 2 kit is assembled by an experienced HKS engineer.
    - Combustion chamber processed by CNC machining to reduce knocking.
    - Employ a large capacity oil pump to ensure the stable lubrication of the engine on a whole RPM range.
    - Selected the most optimal main bearing and connecting rod bearing through many strict tests.
    - Grommet head gasket and strengthened stud bolt for improved sealing.
    - High angle camshafts for improved high end performance.
    - Reinforced valve spring and titanium retainer to suppress surging at high-rpm.
    - Strengthen valve stem seal for improved sealing performance even at high-rpm and high temperatures.
    - This product purposely employs V-CAM STEP Pro to the existing complete engine RB26DETT 2.8L STEP2 because of the consideration of the valve lift.
    - Employing V-CAM STEP Pro brings out more engine performance. STEP Pro came from the name of the billet CAM.
    - * HKS recommends using HKS Racing Pro 10W50 engine oil.
    - 2.8L, Step 2 kit, forged piston, billet H-beam connecting rod, and forged crankshaft.
    - High-strength and large capacity oil pump
    - Intake: V-CAM System STEP PRO Exhaust: STEP2 272 degrees
    - Slide Cam Pulley
    - Titanium made valve spring retainer
    - CNC machined combustion chamber that decreased combustion chamber volume smaller as much as possible and utilizes the squish area.

    - Bore: 87.0mm
    - Stroke: 77.7mm
    - Compression Ratio (t=1.2): 8.6
    - Maximum RPM: 8,800rpm
    - Displacement: 2,771cc
    - Camshaft: IN: HKS V-CAM STEP Pro 264 degrees / LIFT 10mm EX: HKS STEP 2 272 degrees / LIFT 10mm
    - Timing Belt: HKS fine tune timing belt Sport Code No. 24999-AN002
    - Spring Retainer: Titanium made HKS spring retainer
    - Valve Spring: HKS reinforced valve spring Code No. 22001-AN001
    - Stem Seal: HKS reinforced stem seal Code No. 22999-AN004
    - Valve: Sheet sliding
    - Port: Step removal around the seat area
    - Combustion Chamber: CNC machined (with retained Squish area)
    - Head Gasket: HKS Grommet type gasket (t=1.2) Code No. 23009-AN008
    - Head Bolt: HKS reinforced bolts
    - Block (24U)
    - Processing Details: Cooling water hole / Hole side chamfering for head bolt / Boring
    - Oil Pump: HKS reinforced oil pump Code No. 15003-AN001
    - Piston: HKS forged piston kit Code No. 21003-AN003
    - Connecting Rod: HKS H-beam connecting rod Code No. 2304-RN006
    - Crankshaft: HKS forged crankshaft Code No. 23006-AN003
    - Main Bearing: ACL bearing company made
    - Connecting Rod Bearing: ACL bearing company made
    - Covers: Baking finish
    MODEL:Skyline (R32), Skyline (R33)