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Advan Model F7 Wheel - 19x9.5 / 5x114.3 / Offset +30

Code: ADVAN-F7-19x95-5114-30

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MSRP: $1,097.00

(You Save: $54.85)

Advan Model F7 Wheel - 19x9.5 / 5x114.3 / Offset +30
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Please call us for current availability. Some wheels may need to be ordered from Japan and can take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Yokohama rises to the challenge of producing its first metal form full-forged wheel

Yokohama's AVS Model 7 Series faces its third model change from the original design. Its sophisticated 7-spoke design has reached virtual perfection, and any evolution in the prime-number design of 7-spoke would of necessity require review of the entire manufacturing process. Yokohama kept Model 7 at the leading edge of cast wheels through the latest, high-quality casting methods such as the T-shaped spoke cross-section and flow forming. But to take the process a step farther, Yokohama naturally chose to face the challenge of die forging.

In general terms, there are two methods of die forging. One is to machine a lump of bucket-shaped metal into the shape of a wheel. The other is to cast the design with mold of a wheel from fording billet, maintaining the proper order. Yokohama chose mold forging as the manufacturing method for the latest model Model 7 Series wheels. Only this forging can produce perfection without ending the life line of forging strength, called metal flow, and further without limiting capacities of processing machine, costs, and details of the design. That's how the AVS Model 7, the epitome of seven-spoke wheels, was perfected. Over-flange spokes that extend to the outer edge of the flange add measurably to the wheel's appeal with heavily chamfered corners on the spokes. The method of machining away from rear side of the spoke-rim join is the same as the one adopted on under ring of the Kreuzer brand. However, die forging, which ensures strength in a T-shaped cross-section without adopting T-shape cross section, allows this process shape while maintaining spoke thinness. What's more, the extra strength of these long-spoke wheels enables the use of normal wheel nuts instead of small diameter ones. This contributes to the dynamism of the wheel's design.

The paint increases the image of rigidity of the Model F7 Series, and brought about by die forging. Its hyper-type metallic paint was used to create both Platinum Silver and Platinum Black colors. Four coats and four bakes indulged in every possible luxury by the leading edge of paint technology and paints. The strong shading finish ensures a metallic and cool texture.

The inlaid spoke ornament, a trademark of the Model 7 Series, uses an engraved F in FORGED, and highlighted with chrome plating and tinged with metallic color. The 100 percent aluminum center ornament and a combination of the chrome-plated ring and matte silver tinged with metallic color both contribute to the perfection of this uncompromising super wheel.