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APR Performance GT-1000 Adjustable Wing

MSRP: $2,355.00

(You Save: $353.25)

APR Performance GT-1000 Adjustable Wing
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Representing the latest in ground-breaking aerodynamic performance, the GT-1000 includes these special features:

- 71" span, 10" chord (main foil), 4" chord (secondary foil)
- Ultra-high downforce, up to 1650 pound force (lbf) of downforce (at 160 MPH)
- Angle-of-Attack (AoA) adjustment from 10 to 52 degrees (relative to ground plane) on the secondary airfoil, with no stall at 52 degrees
- Side plate dimensions of 17.1" (width) x 9.39" (height)
- 6061 billet aluminum brackets

Installation requirements:
Chassis mounting is required. Do not mount the GT-1000 wing assembly to a vehicle trunk lid --- the downforce levels can easily deform and damage even factory OEM steel trunk lids and create hazardous conditions. Pedestals are not available for the GT-1000. All customers will be required to fabricate their own, chassis-mount pedestals for their specific applications.

Setup guidelines:Although the upper brackets (the ones that are permanently attached to the bottom of the main airfoil) have a multitude of mounting holes, the main airfoil is intended to be installed and fixed at exactly one position. For proper installation, the side plates (aka "end plates") are to be at exactly 0 degrees AoA relative to the ground plane. The main airfoil ends up being fixed at just under 5 degrees AoA relative to the ground plane. All on-track adjustments for more/less downforce are to be performed on the secondary airfoil only. These guideline will apply for all applications, regardless of vehicle model/shape/size. Following these guidelines will ensure optimal performance of the GT-1000 wing assembly.

Warning:User assumes full responsibility for ensuring proper installation as intended. Professional installation by well-qualified personnel is highly recommended. The vehicle applications shown above are intended to work as a complete system when installed. To insure proper function and reliability, APR advises against modification or substitution of any component of the intended installation. Any modification or substitution of the airfoil, side plates, pedestals, mounting bases, mounting brackets, or hardware included with the wing kit may create unsafe operating conditions and ultimately cause this system to fail.